Comics, Toys and Games Newsletter, June 2008

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Meet Your Community Manager

Featured CollectionHello to all! I’m Chris, your Community Manager for Comics, Toys, and Games. I am excited to have the opportunity to develop an interactive community centered around your interests. This month we will see the release of some blockbuster movies based on comic books, including The Incredible Hulk and The Escapist.  In addition, we have seen the release of the newest action figures from The Dark Kight movie, Watchmen, and Gremlins.  Father’s day is coming up, and now is the time to find those perfect gifts for the collector in him!

Feel free to message me about current or upcoming comic book releases, your favorite comics/toys/games, or any suggestions you may have that will enhance iTaggit. I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

See you next month!


This Month's Featured Item

Incredible Hulk #180The Incredible Hulk #180-182

m0re r0n has a killer comic book collection, with titles ranging from X-Men and Spider-Man, to The New Mutants, Dazzler and Power Pack.  However, it is his run of The Incredible Hulk #180-182 that is the attention grabber this month.  These three issues are the first appearance of the now super-popular Marvel mainstay, Wolverine!  This run is a major collector’s item, coveted by experienced and newbie collectors alike, and as Wolverine’s popularity continues to grow, so will the value of these three key issues.  Check out the rest of m0re r0n’s comic book collection, or message me if you would like to be featured in future publications.


This Month's Featured Collection 

RC Helo

Radio Control ModelsAkbar’s collection of radio controlled flying machines is a great example of the diversity of items here on iTaggit.  He has 2 airplanes and this yellow and black RC Helicopter.  It sure looks like akbar knows how to spend his free time!  Check out the collection by clicking here.


Featured Blogs

Exploring Kochalka’s “We Hunger” – By Alan David DoaneIn the Spotlight: B. Krigstein – By Alan David Doane

Joe Hill Breaks Into Comics – by lwallace38

Read more blogs on comics and games, or write one of your own. 

 New and Improved
Having trouble finding the value of your item?  Use our new Valuation Wizard!!  It gives you access to all of iTaggit’s valuation resources, and is conveniently located on your personal home page!  It is easy to use and very effective.Check this blog to get more information.


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